8 Ways To Use Natural Stone In Your Home And Garden

Natural stone can give any home a touch of luxury. Natural stone is hardy, unique, and beautiful. There are many ways to incorporate it into your home. Here are just a few of them: 

1. Accent Wall

An accent wall sets off a room and draws the eyes. Natural stone makes an interesting and gorgeous accent wall. Stone can be either smoothed down or cut rough in thin, tile-like, bricks that can be plastered to the wall of your choice. Try a dark blue-grey stone like slate or basalt and egg-white walls for a look that really pops. 

2. Counter Tops

A slab of natural stone makes an amazing and long-lasting surface for a countertop. Stone countertops can fit any style, from rough matte slate that adds an edge of back-to-the-basics sophistication to smooth granite with enticing swirls and whorls that add a spark of old-world beauty. 

3. Sinks 

Natural stone slabs or tiles make great sinks (in either the kitchen or the bathroom). They are unique and give a room a touch of nature. Try a travertine natural stone sink in a warm rust color with a brushed brass faucet for a homey Tuscan look. 

4. Bathroom or Kitchen Tiles 

Natural stone can be cut into tiles for a bathroom or kitchen floor. Tiles can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Choose a rosy pink quartzite paired with indigo blue walls for a striking look. 

5. Tabletop

Natural stone slabs are perfect for tabletops. A natural stone table will make a great centerpiece for any room and a great conversation starter. For a bold look, use a white marble slab of natural stone as a dining room tabletop and accent the room with cool silver. 

6. Home Exterior

Natural stone is a popular choice for the exterior of homes. You can choose to side your house completely in natural stone or choose accents in natural stone. Whatever you choose, the stone will look amazing outside. 

7. Fireplace

A classic choice for fireplaces is natural stone. Natural stone is easy to clean and heat-resistant. It can be shaped to surround any fireplace and mantle. Choose a dark grey limestone fireplace and pair it with distressed wood floors for a cozy rustic look. 

8. Garden Bench 

Natural stone is great in a garden, and making a stone bench, so you can enjoy some time out in the sun, is a beautiful way to use it. Pick a smooth soapstone for a silky feel.

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Natural stone can give any home a touch of luxury. Natural stone is hardy, unique, and beautiful. There are many ways to incorporate it into your home

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