Festive Holiday Decor For Your Hotel

People tend to get in a festive mood when they see colorful lights and holiday foliage. Young and old generations may look forward to the time spent with their loved ones as family traditions are put into action. If you own a hotel and want to add color and dimension to various parts of the building's interior, a business owner who provides interior plant services can assist with creating a captivating setup that utilizes living plants and trees or silk varieties.

A Customer's Perspective And A Distinct Style

Subtle decorations or ones that are dispersed throughout the foyer, dining area, and hallways can make a positive impact on each guest's stay. Interior plant services will include a consultation that provides you with the opportunity to request specific plant or tree varieties or a particular setup. A design crew will consider the color scheme that is displayed throughout the premises, the size of each area that is being decorated, and your input.

Maybe, you would like to have a living tree set up in the center of the lobby and think that it would be interesting if your patrons could hang custom decorations from its branches. If this is something that you think would appeal to your guests, choose an evergreen height and type, light strands, and a custom planter for the display.

During the course of each person's stay, invite them to partake in a decorating ritual. Use glass bulbs or paper ornaments for decorating purposes and instruct each person to write their name or a festive saying across the ornament that they will be hanging on the tree.

The tree will provide a festive backdrop for family photos, and if you have furnishings set up near the tree, people may choose to spend time sitting down and relaxing while they appreciate the holiday setup. Another idea is to have custom wreaths hung from each doorway or to have poinsettias and other plant varieties displayed on countertops or in the corners of rooms that people congregate in.

Upkeep And Switchouts

If you enjoy plant life but have difficulty caring for the items that you have previously purchased, indoor plant services will ensure that the festive items in your hotel will always look fresh. Set up a maintenance schedule, which includes having plants watered, tree branches trimmed, and decorations adjusted. If you have some decorations added to the inside of your business that you aren't satisfied with, request a switch or have plants and trees rotated on a regular basis to give the inside of your business a new look.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers interior plant services.

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