5 Care Tips For Leather Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Casing your throw pillows with a decorative leather cover is a great way to change the look of your sofa or bed. However, to maintain the stylish appeal of these pillow covers, you need to keep them in good condition. Learn how to properly care for leather throw covers to keep your home looking good.

1. Keep Leather Away

It's good to keep leather away from leather. For instance, if you have several leather covers, don't stack them all on top of each other, especially when it's warm. Moisture in the air can settle on leather when it's warm. The moisture, in turn, activates the dye on the covers and can cause it to bleed onto other nearby surfaces and cause staining. 

2. Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Position the throw pillows away from the sun. No matter the quality of the leather or even how well you take care of it, all leather is prone to fading. The more you expose the leather to the sun, the greater the threat of fading. Placing the pillows in a position that keeps them out the path of the window is great. 

3. Clean Often

You need to keep the pillows clean if you want them to look good. To start, use a soft cloth to wipe away dust from the covers at least once a week. Next, periodically remove the covers and wipe them down with an approved leather cleaner. In some instances, the covers might require dry cleaning. Look at the cover label to see the appropriate way to clean the covers to avoid damage. 

4. Create a Pet-Free Zone

As much as you love your furry friend, it's a good idea to keep them away from your leather pillow covers. Leather is especially prone to scratching, and once leather is damaged, it's almost impossible to repair. The claws on dogs and cats, even when trimmed, are often enough to scratch the surface of the leather. 

5. Tuck Zippers Away

Another way to keep the leather from getting scratched is to make sure you tuck away the zipper on the leather cover. For example, if the zipper on one cover is sticking out and it brushes up against another pillow cover, it can cause a scratch. The cover should have a small area for you to secure the zipper in place. 

Make sure you exercise these care tips for your leather throw covers to keep them in good condition, for longer. Contact a retailer that sells products like blue camo leather throw pillow covers for more information.

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