3 Reasons For Uneven Heating In Your Home

If some rooms in your home seem freezing, while others are just right or even so warm as to feel stuffy, then you have an uneven heating issue. Sometimes the problem is with the furnace itself since older furnaces or those that are too small for the home can struggle to heat evenly. If the furnace is in fine condition, though, then one of the three issues below is the likely culprit for the uneven heating problem.

1: Damaged Duct Work

Damaged, dirty, or loose ductwork all leads to heat loss before the warmed air can reach the target room. A furnace technician can use a special camera to view the inside of your ducts for blockages or holes. Once the problem area is located, then the duct in that location can be repaired or replaced.

Another option is a pressure test. The HVAC tech seals all outlets on the ductwork then pumps air into them. The pressure is measured to see if there is air loss occurring somewhere in the duct system. If there is, then a duct liner can be deployed that will render the ducts airtight so that you have no more heat loss within the walls of your home.

2: Short Cycling

Short cycling is obvious if you are tuned in to the sounds your furnace makes as it cycles on and off. When a furnace short cycles, it will pop off within a few minutes of coming on. It may repeat this cycle multiple times in a single hour. When this occurs, some rooms (often the one with the thermostat) get warm, but other rooms stay cold.

Short cycling can indicate a malfunction in the thermostat. It can also be the result of poor thermostat placement. For example, if a thermostat is placed near a sunny window or a heat-producing appliance, then an artificially inflated temperature reading can result in short cycles. Sometimes there are issues in the furnace itself. A maintenance inspection can reveal the cause so you can have it repaired.

3: Bad Ventilation

Poor ventilation can lead to uneven heating. The most common reason for bad airflow and ventilation is blocked vents and air returns. Make sure furniture and drapes aren't positioned in a manner that blocks the vents.

A dirty filter is another reason to consider. You need to change the air filter every month or two so it doesn't become blocked. If you have pets, it may also be necessary to vacuum out the filter housing.

Contact a furnace maintenance contractor like J C Heating & Cooling if you are having issues with uneven heating this winter.

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