Warning Signs That You Might Need To Get New Insulation For Your Home

Properly installed insulation is a crucial part of any home. It helps keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer. Insulation doesn't last forever though, and there's a chance you might one day have to contact a local insulation company for help. To that end, here are some of the possible warning signs that your current insulation is no longer doing its job and that it might be time for a new installation.

Unexplained Temperature Changes in Certain Rooms

You have your thermostat set to keep the entire house at a certain temperature. If you frequently notice, however, that one room always seems to be a bit off compared to the rest of the house, it's time to do some research. First, check the windows to make sure there is not a draft coming in. Then, make sure the HVAC system is properly getting air through the vents in the room. If these things seem to be working but you still can't explain the change in temperature, chances are your insulation on that part of the house is not holding up and doing its job.

The Arrival of Unwanted Pests

Another clear sign that your insulation is falling apart is if you have mice or other critters frequently making it into your home within a certain section of the house. If the exterminator can rule out them coming in from underground, your insulation might be the next place to check. A hole in your insulation won't just let in unwanted pests, but it will also bring in outside air while leaking out the warmed or cooled air your HVAC system is working so hard to provide. Brand-new insulation might be in order, and be sure to check the full house for similar issues, not just the area where you first noticed the pests.

Your Heating Bill Is Increasing Every Month

If your heating bill is going up bit by bit every month and you can't quite explain it, there's a chance the insulation could be at fault. There might be an issue with insulation near your attic or another part of your house that you don't spend much time in. But the insulation will continue to let in a draft whether you are there to notice it or not. If your heating bill is way up and there hasn't been an increase from your heating provider, contact an insulation expert for an inspection.

Talk to a local insulation company today if you believe you are due for a new installation.

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