Add Rustic Elements To Your Living Room

Trailblazing, uncharted territories, and courageous frontiersmen may all come to mind when you think of cowboys and their association with the 'Wild West'. If you are comforted by nature and cowboys pique your interest, add some custom elements to your living room to provide it with a rustic and interesting appearance.

Choose Rich Hues For The Furnishings And Flooring

The color of the furnishings will have an impact on the design theme, but this does not mean that you need to dispose of your current furnishings in lieu of purchasing new pieces that fit the rustic theme. What colors come to your mind when you think of a cowboy's clothing or the type of dwelling that you would envision one to reside in?

You are probably thinking of rich hues, such as brown, taupe, chestnut, and black. Silver and gold are some accent colors that may remind you of the shiny belt buckle that a cowboy wears or the saddle embellishments that are used to adorn a horse's back.

Use these colors as a guide when choosing slipcovers, afghans, or similar fabrics that can be used to cover the furnishings. Throw rugs that resemble a cow's hide or that remind you of a textured patio or walkway will contrast with the rustic covers and add depth and interest to the rustic motif. 

Use Curios, Tapestries, And Textured Decals

If you own a set of bull horns or deer antlers, think about securing them over the fireplace. Other curios, such as cowboy and horse statues, fossils, or earthenware can be used to adorn tables and shelving that is in the living room. You can also line these items up, side by side, inside of a curio cabinet that contains track lighting so that the entire collection can be viewed while you are seated on the couch or sitting back in a recliner.

Add some faux branches or plants inside of any earthenware pots to add a pop of color to the area where the collectibles are displayed. If the walls in the living room are a solid color that is rather drab, some colorful tapestries or textured decals can lighten the overall mood of the room. Hang these items on opposing walls to give the entire room a fresh look.

If you stumble with determining how to upgrade the room with the rustic theme or if you are uncertain about how well some of the items will pair with one another, reach out to an interior decorator for some decorating tips that will give the room the personalized attention that you are seeking.  

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