The Advantages Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular thanks to the rustic and farmhouse look. If you're in need of a new roof, whether or not you like the farmhouse/rustic look, you should consider metal roofing as your choice of material over other types of roofing. Read on for the advantages of metal roofing for your home.

Long Lasting

Metal roofs can be long-lasting -- lasting anywhere from 40 - 70 years depending on the type of metal you choose for your roof. Asphalt roofing shingles usually only last around 20 years or less and may need repairs throughout the time. You can put a metal roof on your home and possibly not have to replace it in your lifetime. This can save you money and add value to your home as well.


In addition to being long-lasting, metal roofs can also be quite durable. They are essentially maintenance-free, unlike with asphalt roofs. Once they are installed, you don't typically have to worry about them, but they should still be inspected each year.


Metal roofs are energy-efficient, as they can reflect the sunlight away from your home decreasing your homes air conditioning costs. In the winter months, the metal roof helps insulate your home, saving you money on your heating bills as well. You're going to see a savings on your energy bill no matter which season you're in.

Stands Up To Weather

Even in extreme weather conditions such as hail, snow, and rain, a metal roof can stand up to the weather without causing damage to your roof. Asphalt shingles can get damage in high winds and with hail, snow or rain, but metal can withstand these extreme conditions. Snow will just fall off, and rain will also slide down. If the metal roof is a higher quality, it can withstand the dents from hail and damage from high winds. It can also withstand high heat, so it's a good material for hot weather climates as well. 

There are several advantages to metal roofing. If you aren't sure if you want your entire roof to be metal, you can use it on only a portion of your roof and still gain some of the benefits of this material choice. If you're looking to have a new metal roof installed on your home, talk to a company like Premium Panels Inc and get an estimate for your roof today. 

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