Can Moldy Furniture Be Salvaged?

Water damage can be a real pain, and one of the questions that many homeowners have is whether or not their furniture can be salvaged. Typically, it's not a good idea to keep items that haven't been thoroughly cleaned of mold, because they could possibly reinfect the rest of the room with mold spores. But if you're desperate to hold onto an item that was very expensive or very sentimental, it's understandable that you'd want further information about how to assess and salvage these items.

The Role of a Mold Contractor

When you are attempting to salvage any items from mold, make sure you hire good residential mold removal services. They are going to do mold testing and inspection to see how bad the problem is, first of all. They will be able to give you a solid opinion on whether your items are salvageable. They will clean the entire room, not just the furniture, to remove hidden sources of mold spores. The final step will be to retest the items to see if any mold remains. They would probably advise you to throw these items out at that point. But the decision would be yours in the end.

Can Furniture Be Saved?

This question depends on a few things. The first is the makeup of the piece of furniture. Hard surfaces, such as chairs, are much easier to restore. Much of the mold will be on the surface of these items, and so they can be wiped down and disinfected. The same thing applies to a lot of tables and countertops. When you start getting into soft furnishings, you start running into some issues. These items may look clean, but they can contain mold spores inside. You wouldn't want your mold problem to come back just because you decided to keep a cute pillow that then reinfected the whole room. So, be sure to ask a mold contractor.

The Dangers of Working with Mold

Even disturbing mold spores can be hazardous to your health; the spores will be released into the air when objects that contain mold are moved around. That is why it's such a good idea to leave all of this to yourresidential mold removal services. They have the equipment and know-how to do the job safely, protecting you and themselves from the hazards of dealing with mold. If the goal is to return your water damaged items and space to a healthy place to be, then mold removal services are well worth the investment.

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