Did You Finish Your Kitchen Remodel With Granite Countertops? 3 Care Tips To Preserve Their Beauty

Granite is often the preferred material for kitchen countertops because it has gorgeous colors while also being durability enough to stand up to the normal wear and tear that accompanies cooking. While sealed and professionally installed granite countertops can last for many years, you must still practice proper maintenance to protect it from stains, scratches and breaks that ruin the aesthetics. Now that your kitchen is fully operational again, use these tips to make sure your new countertops stay in top condition.

Keep Up the Seal

Granite is porous, which means that it must have a layer of sealant applied to the top to stop liquids and other stain-causing materials from sinking into the pores. Although some types of treated granite do not require sealing, yours may need to be resealed every one to ten years depending upon a variety of factors such as the characteristics of the stone and the amount of use the countertop is exposed to over time. Make sure you know how often to seal your new countertop when it is installed so that you can keep up with this important maintenance task.

Choose the Right Cleaners

Many common household cleaners such as bleach and de-greasers contain acids and other types of chemicals that can break down the seal on the countertops. Avoid using these products to clean the granite. Instead, simply use hot water to wipe up spills and dirt. Although dish soap is safe to use on granite, you may also prefer to avoid using this cleaner since it can lead to build up that diminishes the shine on the surface. If the countertop requires more cleaning than water can handle, then use a cleaner that is made to clean granite. These are gentler on the sealant and do not dull the shine.

Use Hot Pads and Trivets

Your granite countertops are heat-resistant, but they can experience thermal shock that leads to cracks and pitting if they are exposed to high levels of heat when they are cold. Fortunately, you can place your cookware on hot pads to prevent this from occurring. This practice also helps to avoid small scratches that can occur when metal pots and pans slide across the bare countertop.

The beauty of a granite countertop adds a lovely touch to any kitchen, and it is natural to want to preserve the gorgeous properties of this stone. By practicing a few simple precautions as you go about your normal cooking and cleaning routine, you can look forward to enjoying your new granite food prep surface for many years to come.

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