Creating A Country Cottage Look In Your Kitchen

If you love the country cottage look and are planning to remodel your kitchen, there are lots of ways you can have fun with this design theme. Work with your remodeling contractor, and use these ideas for inspiration as you plan out your new kitchen.

Add A Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks offer the classic country look while giving you ample space to do your dishes every day. These sinks come in a variety of color options, from crisp white to shiny copper. You'll need to plan for the addition of this type of sink when you choose your new cabinets, as you'll need to allow room for the sink to sit above a cabinet while still keeping in line with your counters. Your remodeling contractor can help you to select the proper cabinet for this portion of your project.

Replace Your Cabinets

The cabinets are the thing people see first when they walk in your kitchen, and the right design can bring the country cottage feel you want to the room. Consider wood cabinets finishes in antique quite, and opt for oil-rubbed bronze hardware for a finishing touch. For upper cabinets where dishes and glasses will be stored, consider doors with window panes to add a cozy look while letting you show off your best china. Choose an open design for the cabinet that goes under your farmhouse sink, and add a curtain in a gingham print to complete the look. For more information, consult a professional, such as those at Cabinet & Granite Depot.

Install A Butcher Block Island

Whether you are in need of extra cabinet space or just need to add a focal point to the room, a butcher block kitchen island can be the perfect choice. The sturdy wood top provides a convenient place to cut meats or chop vegetables, and the cabinets below offers additional storage space. Have the cabinets finished in antique white to match the rest of the room, or opt for a soft hue of blue or beige to create a contrasting look. The kitchen island can also double as a breakfast bar with the addition of a few bar-height stools or chairs.

Once your remodeling job is complete, you can begin to accessories the kitchen. Copper canisters and crockware bowls make excellent accessories, and curtains with antiqued floral prints add to the overall design theme. If you have the ceiling height required, a pot rack with copper cookware on display can create a handsome look in your country cottage kitchen. With the right cabinets, sink, and accessories, you can create a beautiful country cottage kitchen your whole family can enjoy

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