A Guide To Hydrojetting Your Clogged Toilet When Other Measures To Clear It Didn't Work

If you've repeatedly attempted to plunge and use an auger on an impaired toilet in your home, but the clog doesn't move or it seems to return, your plumber might suggest hydro jetting. Hydro jetting should only be provided by a plumber or someone with similar training, as it requires both skill and preparation in order to avoid damaging the affected line and toilet. Therefore, when you're tired of having an untrustworthy toilet, the following information about the use of hydro jetting to remove accumulated debris that could be impacting the usability of the unit can be quite helpful

Understanding Why Other Measures Have Failed

It's first important to note that the plunger you have unsuccessfully used to fix the issue uses air or water to create enough suction to force some clogs out. Unfortunately, thick, big, or complex clogs need more pressure or water in order for them to be moved and a standard plunger is not capable of producing that, especially within the size constraints of the typical toilet.

A toilet snake, which is also known as a toilet auger, is useful for many smaller clogs because it is made of a long coil that can penetrate the affected area more deeply. However, there is the potential for damage to the line, pipe, and toilet since you are essentially trying to remove a clog that you cannot see. The clog might also remain because there is not an appropriate amount of force behind the removal attempt. 

As you can see, attempting to remove big blockages and clogs in the line with inadequate tools is rarely a successful endeavor. In that instance, it's time to discuss hydro jetting with your plumber.

Success With Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting features some similar aspects of both plunging and augering a toilet, but on a bigger scale. For example, it works to clean out the entire pipe or sewer line with the use of water being sprayed into the area at a very high, controlled rate of speed. While less invasive options, like the plunger or auger, are attempting to locate and remove a specific clog, hydro jetting exists to force everything in its way out, thereby restoring normal water flow.

It cannot be done by the average person, due to the speed of that water and because it is essential to first use a special waterproof camera to image the pipe in question before starting the work. When the plumber believes that the clog has been removed, broken into manageable pieces that can be flushed away or otherwise forced out, additional pictures will typically be taken of the pipe to verify its usability and condition.

If necessary, the process can be completed until the water flows as it should or another cause of the problem has been identified. In some instances, the photos of the pipe might identify damage that is contributing to the problem, which would then require further assistance from your plumber.            

In conclusion, hydro jetting is a useful option for cleaning out sewer lines that fail to work as they should due to contamination, build-up, clogs etc. within the unit. Therefore, when standard household measures haven't resulted in the long-term results you need, it's best to speak with your plumber about hydro jetting.           

Contact a plumber that specializes in onsite wastewater system for more information and assistance. 

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