Choosing A Resort Community For Your Park Model

If you've decided on a park model, choosing the unit right for you is only half the battle. To ensure you're getting the most enjoyment and function form the unit, the decision of where to park it is equally, if not more, important. Rather than find yourself in a community you don't enjoy, here are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a location.

Research Costs

Don't simply look over the weekly or monthly rental fee that the resort community charges. In some instances, you might get lucky and find a community that only charges this rental fee and nothing more. However, in many instances, these rental fees are typically just a base price.

There are additional fees that you may incur. If you aren't figuring all these potential expenses into your budget, you could end up in a community that is too expensive for you. Take some time to research the fee chart to ensure it's acceptable.

Find out About the Demographic

It does not matter if you plan to place your park model at the resort community for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, being in a community with people who you don't believe share similar interests as you can put a damper on your experience.

While the people that show up at the resort community can always differ, most communities have somewhat of a demographic they typically attract. If you're a senior couple looking for some quiet time, deciding on a community that primarily caters towards family with children might not be the experience you're looking for. Find out what type of people frequent the resort to determine if it's right for you

Consider Climate

If your desire is to travel a distance away from your home base with the park model, you need to always consider the climate for the area you're planning to travel to. The reason this is important is that you may have had the unit designed with your climate in mind, only.

For instance, if you're a family that resides in upstate Michigan, designing a unit with air conditioning capabilities probably wasn't on the top of your list and you may have skipped it altogether. However, if you take your model down to south Florida, this is something you'll wish you had. While you shouldn't limit your travels, always consider the climate for the local community to see if you need to make any updates to make your stay more comfortable.

Make sure you're taking your time when choosing a resort community for park models. Your extra effort during the selection process will make way for a more enjoyable stay. For more information, contact a site like

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