Looking For An Affordable DIY Project This Summer? Three Ways You Can Use Stone To Spruce Up Your Yard

If you love performing fun, DIY home improvement projects around your home, then you may be thinking of fun projects you can work on this summer to spruce up your yard while enjoying the great weather. However, you may be on a tight budget, which many people are today, and don't want to spend a fortune on supplies you will use to complete your project. One building material that is affordable, easy to work with, and looks great is all-natural stone. There are many types of stone, and you can have fun choosing the types and colors that you feel complement your home's exterior the most. 

Read on to learn about three affordable DIY projects you can complete this summer using natural stone. 

Stone Patio: Summer-long Fun

While building a stone patio will be a little more time-intensive than the other stone projects that will be mentioned, it is a great project that will keep you and the children busy for several weeks. If you don't have a backyard patio or would like an additional one, then your family can also enjoy relaxing on the finished patio for many years to come. 

The supplies you will need to gather before building your stone patio include stone pavers, sand, gravel, landscape fabric, and three iron pipes. The number of stone pavers and amount of sand and gravel will depend on the size of your patio. 

Since installing the patio will involve some digging, be sure to call 811 several days before you begin the project to request that local utility companies come out and mark any utility lines running through your yard. You can order your materials as you wait for the utility lines to be marked, so you don't have to wait to start your project. 

To install the patio, all you have to do is mark the perimeter of where you will lay the patio, remove the top 10 inches of soil inside your patio markings, cover the remaining soil with landscape fabric, replace 6 inches of the soil with gravel, install a layer of sand, embed the iron pipes in the sand, and finally lay the natural stone pavers on top of the sand. 

For in-depth step-by-step instructions on building your natural stone patio, check out the tutorial on familyhandyman.com

Stone Yard Walkways: Quick and Easy

If you could use a few more walkways in your yard to keep foot traffic from damaging your grass or just to add some visual pizzazz to your yard, then creating them with natural flagstone pavers is very easy. If you would like to install both a stone patio and stone walkways this summer, then the great news is that they both require virtually the same materials. 

The supplies you will need to gather before you install your walkways include: flagstone pavers (or another large, flat stone of your choice), sand, and gravel.

To install your walkway, first mark off where you would like to place each of your flagstones and remove the top four inches of soil inside the perimeter of each stone marking. Then, smooth the soil, install a thin layer of gravel, and then cover the gravel with a thick layer of sand. Finally, moisten the sand with your garden hose and press each stone paver into the sand snugly. 

After your walkways are installed, be sure to line them with fun, decorative light fixtures, so your family can walk on them safely at night. 

Stone Decorative House Trim: For More Skilled DIY-ers

If you would like to add some curb appeal to your home, then you may not realize that you can do that by adding stone siding to it. While stone siding can be used to cover the entire exterior of a home, it can also be placed strategically around doors, on house trim, or on any small area of your home exterior you would like to add some interest to. 

There are several types of stone siding, including solid stone, stone cladding, and even faux stone, but the best type of stone siding for a DIY enthusiast to install is stone veneer. 

Supplies you will need to install stone decorative house trim include: mortar, masonry nails, metal lath, and roofing felt. 

To start your project, cover the area you would like to add the stone veneers to with roofing felt. Then, attach the metal lath on top, mix up mortar and apply a layer to both the lath and the back of a stone, and set each stone in place firmly. Finally, squeeze mortar between stones and allow your project to set. 

If you love performing DIY projects around the house, then make completing one or more of these DIY home projects this summer using natural stone. You can then enjoy the outdoors with your family while engaging in your favorite affordable hobby. 

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