3 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Custom Draperies For Your Home

If you need new custom drapes or curtains for your home, here are a few things you are going to want to take into consideration when choosing new curtains.

#1 How To Clean Them

One of the first things you need to take into consideration is how the curtains need to be cleaned. Do you want to purchase curtains that you can wash in your own dryer or are you okay with dry cleaning curtains? Being able to wash curtains in your own washer and dryer will save you time and money. Keep in mind that dry cleaning curtains will add to the overall cost of your curtains over their lifetime.

However, if you are okay with dry cleaning curtains, you may be able to open yourself up to a large variety of fabrics, textures and colors to choose from to customize your home. Since curtains only need to be dry cleaned a couple of times a year, the cost to maintain a few sets of dry cleaned curtains in your house should be affordable. Save dry cleaning curtains for the rooms where you want to use special fabrics, colors or textures.

#2 Length Of Your Curtains

Second, you need to decide how you want to style your curtains. Do you want your curtains to run to the end of the window and stop? Or do you want your curtains to extend down to the floor to give a feeling of height to a room? Do you want the curtains to just brush the floor or pool on the floor?  How far above your window do you want to hang your curtains?

You need to answer all three questions above before you can determine how long your curtains should be. The answer may be different for each room of your house. For example, in your kid's room, you may want the curtains to stop at the end of the window so that your kids don't pull the curtains down. However, in your living room, you may want the curtains to pool on the floor a little bit to create a more elegant look. Be sure to add extra length to your curtain measurements to achieve the style and look that you are going for.

#3 Thickness Of Your Curtains

Finally, make sure that you consider how thick you want your curtains to be. This can influence the material you choose and if you add lining to your curtains. For rooms where you want to get a lot of light in, you may want to go with a thinner fabric or forgo a thick lining on the curtains.

If you want to have curtains that will keep your bedroom nice and dark, you are going to want to use a thick, heavy fabric and have a dark liner installed on your curtains as well to keep the light out.

If you want your curtains to aid in the insulation of your home, you are going to want to use thick fabric, although you can light colored thick fabric if you still want the sun to shine through a little bit.

While ordering and choosing curtains for your home, consider how thick you need your curtains to be in each room, the length and visual effect you want your curtains to create and the long-term effort you want to put into taking care of and washing your curtains. 

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