The 5 Locations Your New Custom Kitchen Needs Light Fixtures

If you are in the process of designing a new custom kitchen, then it is important that you include a lighting plan for the five areas of your kitchen that must have adequate lighting. To get you started thinking about your kitchen's lighting needs, here is more information on each of these five areas:

Overhead Lighting for the Kitchen Itself

In addition to the target areas that your kitchen will need light fixtures to be installed, your kitchen itself must have some basic overhead lighting. You can accomplish this by installing tube lights, recessed can lights, or with a couple of smaller ceiling-hugging light fixtures.

Lighting for Over the Island

Your custom kitchen's island needs to have a lot of light because it will be one of the most used areas of your new kitchen. Whether you are prepping vegetables or your children are sitting and doing their homework on your island, you need to have enough direct light available. One of the best ways to get enough light onto your island is to use pendant lights.  

Lighting for Over the Sink

When you are washing the dishes in the early morning or late evening, you need to have enough light shining on the sink so you can see what you are doing. When designing your new custom kitchen, make sure you plan to install either recessed can lights or a small light fixture over its sink area. 

Lighting for Over the Stove

If you are installing a fixed hood or microwave over your custom kitchen's stove, then you should select one that has a light. You need to be able to have a clear view of foods you are cooking to prevent them from burning. If you will be using a different type of venting system, then make sure you install a light fixture over the stove. This fixture only needs to have one or two bulbs and should be easy to clean because it is located in an area with lots of cooking grease and oils.

Lighting for Under the Cabinets

Finally, it is a nice bonus to install lights under your custom kitchen's cabinets. In the evening when it is dark in your home, you can leave on some under-cabinet lights to make your kitchen look amazing and so you can sneak in for snacks without having to turn on all the rest of the kitchen's lights.

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