3 Ways To Care For Your Patio Cover

Having a patio cover installed on your home allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather is very hot, or if it's cooler outside. A cover protects you against the sun, rain, snow, and even wind and makes your patio a more private space to enjoy. Whether you have a retractable cover that you can pull out when you wish or a full cover that extends from your home, you can take measures to care for it properly so it lasts for many years. Here are 3 tips for patio cover care that you can easily follow.

Never put items on the cover

Keep children from throwing toys, such as balls or smaller objects, on your patio cover. Never place larger items, like ladders or buckets, on your patio for any reason as a storage space. Items can damage patio covers, which are often designed with lightweight materials, by denting them or even causing them to cave in. Items on the roof also pose a falling hazard, which can be dangerous to anyone on the patio if they were to fall.

Retract or protect your cover in foul weather

Heavy rain, fast winds, and hail can damage your patio cover. When foul weather hits, protect your cover by retracting it if you can. If you have a permanent patio cover, add additional protection by placing a heavy-duty tarp over your patio roof and the extension from your home to keep it safe against water damage. Never use weights such as cinder blocks to hold a tarp down, rather, use tent stakes on the ground to hold the tarp or other protective cover in place.

Make repairs as needed

Have a roofing or patio cover specialist repair holes, tears, and dents in your patio cover to help extend its life. You can often have the same company who installed your cover make repairs for you. Your patio cover may have come with a warranty which can lessen your out-of-pocket costs for some repairs. If your patio cover is older, having it replaced may be your best option. Talk to your expert installer about which option is best for you based on the type of cover you have and the damage it has received over the years.

With the right care and maintenance, you can expect your patio cover to allow years of enjoyment for you and your family. If you have concerns about maintaining your patio cover once it is installed, talk to an installation expert such as Aluminum  Builders Home Center for tips to keep it functioning for as long as possible.

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