3 Easy Projects That Will Improve Your Shop's Curb Appeal

There are several ways to drive new business to your shop, such as radio and newspaper advertising, creating and maintaining a social media presence, and focusing on providing quality customer service. But, one effective tactic that is often overlooked is improving curb appeal. Here are three easy projects you can do that will improve your shop's overall curb appeal and increase your chance of attracting new customers:

Replace the Gutters

If your shop's gutters are several years old, they probably have leaks and cracks that are inhibiting their performance. Water leakage can lead to visual paint damage both inside and out, which isn't likely to be appealing to your customers.

Leaky gutters can also cause structural damage inside the walls of your shop, which can be both time-consuming and expensive to have fixed. And chances are that your old gutters are scratched and dinged, which has a negative effect on your shop's overall curb appeal. Simply replacing your gutters with new ones will improve your curb appeal, eliminate leaks, and keep the interior and exterior walls free of water damage over time.

Plastic PVC gutters are an excellent option, as they're affordable and attractive. In fact, they come in a variety of designs and colors so it should be easy to enhance your current décor without making any other major changes. PVC is durable and won't rust or corrode either, which means you can count on many years of quality performance and enhanced appearance. What's more is that you'll probably have to do less maintenance on the exterior walls of your shop to keep it looking nice, because the new gutters will help keep excessive water from running down them every time it rains.

Introduce New Hedges

You can improve your shop's curb appeal, increase security and privacy, reduce noise pollution from the road, and attract wildlife that your customers will enjoy meeting when they visit all by planting some hedges around the perimeter of the property. Once full grown, your hedges will help keep high winds from disturbing your customers as they enter and leave your store. Choose hedge plants that are easy to shape and maintain such as:

  • Laylandii—Fast growing, needs pruning and trimming once or twice a year.
  • Boxwood—Can withstand frequent sheering for a clean look and feel year-round .
  • Japanese Barberry—Features sharp spines that create a secure, impenetrable barrier.

You can plant just one hedge for a uniform look, or created extra depth and texture by using two or three options to create your barrier. Consider planting a different type of hedge along each side of your perimeter.

Install an Entrance Overhang

Another easy way to improve your shop's curb appeal is to install a new entrance overhang. You can have one custom designed to match your store colors and décor. Take advantae of free 24-hour advertising by having your store's logo, name, or tagline imprinted on it. Once the new overhang is installed, it can do more than just serve as eye candy for your customers. Put a couple of tables and chairs under it so customers can enjoy a cup of coffee or read a newspaper before entering or after exiting your store.

Place a few racks under the overhang where you can feature sale items that will attract the attention of passersby and get them to come into your store to see what's on offer. Or, you can have events under the overhang where it's shady and protected from the elements to attract the community to your store. Consider hosting a book reading, a product sampling seminar, or even a mini concert.

To learn more about improving your curb appeal, visit resources like http://northwestraingutters.com.

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