3 Smart Ways To Prevent Termite Infestations

Undetected termites can cause extensive damage to the wood structures in your home. Termites often live in wood piles, fallen logs or stacked branches on your property. Over time, the termites may make their way over to your home and crawl in the cracks where the caulk has worn away. If moisture enters your home at any point, the wet wood attracts the termites even faster than normal. You can prevent termites from destroying your home by solving these three factors.   

Remove Wood Debris

If you have trees in your yard or along the perimeter of your property, make sure to inspect the grounds for fallen, rotting wood. If you stack branches and other debris into a pile, remember to discard or burn it right away to keep termites from creating their nest in that area. Wood piles kept in your yard must be placed at the outer edges of your property, far from your home and outbuildings. Consider building an elevated concrete platform for your firewood to help prevent termite infestations.  

Caulk Your Cracks

Your home features caulk around the window and door frames to keep pests from infiltrating your living space. Pests continually work at the caulk and the material weathers over the years, causing it to deteriorate and fully disappear. You can easily renew your seals with a tube of caulk and a caulk gun. Remove the old caulk with a paint scraper before you begin. You must steadily squeeze the trigger on the caulk gun while pulling it along the edges of your windows and doors to create a solid seal. Run your finger along the top of the caulk to smooth it out and fully fill the cracks.

Stop All Leaks

Always promptly respond to leaks from your roof or behind your siding to keep your wood materials dry. You will need to climb onto the roof to inspect the materials for defects that could let water in. Verify that your gutters are securely attached to the roofline, as the water could drip between the gaps and into the walls of your home. If your home develops a leak, have a contractor replace the water damaged wood after repairing the leak to keep termites from entering your home.

Keeping Termites At Bay

If you find signs of termites near your home, you may need to call a professional for assistance. Termite control exterminators will treat your home and yard to keep these destructive insects from breaching the perimeter. Have your pest control professionals return each year to reapply the treatment chemicals that kill the termites that dare enter your yard.   

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